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Now, more than ever, our religious liberties are under attack in Washington, DC. But Oklahoma’s faith community is ready to send a message by sending David Hill to Congress. Join our Faith Coalition and stand up for our Oklahoma values today.

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Pastors & Faith Leaders for David Hill

Steve Green*

David Barton

Tony Perkins

General Jerry Boykin

Marlin Detweiler

Paul Abner

Eddy Brewer

Blake Gideon

John Johnson

Carolyn Churchill

Ted Kersh

Harry Black

John Frawley

Mark Walters

Bill Hulse

David Jarvis

Isaac Tucker

Kelley Tucker

Mike Keahbone

Craig Dacus

Vicki Dacus

Wade Burleson

David Brooks

Bob Rutherford

Gene Allen

Greg Garvie

Ernie Wright

Doug Melton

Kit Ivey

Nick Atayia

Tobin Jackson

Claude Bryant

Kendra Lowder

Ryan Redwine

Walter Mullican

Heath Sapp

Claudia Brewer

Bryan Gilbert

Chad Bernard

Paul Kersh

Jay Hawpe

Bev Robertson

Rich Wood

Jeff Patterson

Chris Holder

Molly Bryant

Marquise Miller

Craig Eidson

Brian Hill

Donald Jonker (Yonker)

Lawrence Neisant

Jon Johnston

Todd Fisher

Randy Dirrim

Justin Ford

Linda Brooks

Blake Martin

John Randell

Kurtis Ivey

Daniel Clark

Maria Allen

Steve Ely

Rob Lindley

Bob Ely

Carole Heckard

Darren Pilcher

Marla Hill

Chad Brodrick

David Oxley

Darrell Sanderlin

Charles Lillard

Ray Myers

Rob Willie

Frank Wiley

Nyree Brodrick

Steve Hulsey

Justin Gammon

Johnny Upton

Terry Lowder

Kevin Thornton

Roxanne Parks

Mike Jestes

Boe Parrish

Martin Perryman

Henry Chan

Richard Cole

Jo McGuffin

Michelle Pilcher

Ray Wade

Charles R. Womack

Tom Alvarez

Richard Girkin

Will Wilson

Barbara Miller

Rebecca Johnson

Dan Maxwell

Donnie Knight

Wes Martin

Tim Martin

Laurie Detweiler

Ray Strauss

*Campaign Co-Chair