Stand with our President

I unequivocally support President Donald Trump and always have. I will work to advance his vision to put Americans back to work, protect our borders, restore and enhance infrastructure and roll back the burdensome regulations that hold our industries back from reaching their full potential.

Since the day President Donald Trump took his oath of office, liberal activists and politicians like Kendra Horn have worked to reverse the will of the American people, making a mockery of our democratic principles. President Trump needs our support more than ever, and I look forward to working with him.

If elected to serve you, I will stand with our President against Liberal special interests and will ensure our President has a strong ally in Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District.

Protect the Unborn

I believe each child, regardless of circumstance, is a gift from God. I will stand for the unborn who are defenseless against the Far Left’s assault on our values.

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well” – Psalm 139:13-15, NIV

Secure our Border and Reform Immigration

Politicians in Washington are still talking about immigration reform, but seem no more interested in solving the crisis than they were a decade ago. Both parties use immigration reform to score political points, but only President Trump has stepped up to demand we start by securing our southern border.

Not only have politicians failed to keep our border safe, they continue to neglect our broken immigration system that punishes immigrants who respect the law and rewards those who break it. Our current system is not fair to those who have come to this country legally and armed with a dream for a better life. America will always welcome those who want to work hard to be a part of the American dream. But to do that, we must first secure the border.

If elected to serve you, I will support our President’s vision to build a wall, eliminate sanctuary cities, stop the lawlessness at our southern border and provide the support and resources ICE and other law enforcement agencies need to do their jobs.

Defend the Second Amendment

Politicians in Washington, with the help of their allies in California and New York, are working tirelessly to eliminate our fundamental right to own and bear arms. Their efforts must be met with equally tenacious opposition from Second Amendment advocates.

If elected to serve you, I will fight to defend our right to bear arms under the Second Amendment, and I will lead my colleagues in focusing their efforts on real solutions to curb violent crime. I will also support our law enforcement officers and make sure they have the resources they need to deal with crime as effectively as possible.

Create Jobs for all Americans

Many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck while others have found themselves out of work entirely. While liberal politicians in Washington want to keep those in poverty dependent on welfare, those who’ve employed others understand the role a good paying job has in restoring lives and helping Americans achieve their dreams. Starting companies from the bottom up, I’ve employed thousands and I will take my experience and leadership to Congress with a determination to create jobs for all Americans.

If elected to serve you in Washington, I will fight for job growth across all markets and for men and women at all levels of education or experience. I will stand behind President Trump and work alongside his Administration to continue bolstering the American economy.

Only bureaucrats and federal agencies in Washington stand in the way of America leading the world in the automotive, manufacturing and technology industries. Regulations must be curtailed, trades encouraged, and education prioritized, but sending more politicians to Washington will only produce the same results.

Stop Socialism in its Tracks

Liberals in Washington have moved so far to the left, socialism has made its return to the Democrat wish list.  Their Big Government policies stifle job growth and innovation while increasing a dependence on Big Government. If free-market advocates don’t stand up to radical ideologues on the coasts and in Washington, the United States of America will be replaced as the global economic leader.

As a manufacturer, I’ve done business in over 15 different countries. I’ve seen the hypocrisy of Socialist governments whose empty promises leave their people in poverty and maintain a low standard of living.

If elected to serve you in Congress, you can count on me to fight the Socialist agenda and stop policies like the Green New Deal in its tracks.

Lead on Healthcare Reform

When Nancy Pelosi said she would vote for Obamacare, then read what was in the bill, she demonstrated the political class’ neglect of the issues that impact most families in the United States. Premiums have increased, the doctor-patient relationship has been disregarded, and the cost of pharmaceuticals and medical procedures have only multiplied.

Republicans promised to replace the failed Obamacare experiment, but Americans are still waiting for an alternative that works for them. If elected to serve you in Congress, I will demand less rhetoric and more action when it comes to solving our complicated healthcare issues. In addition, I will be a champion for mental health advocates because our families are too important to lose to unaddressed mental health issues and drug addiction.

I’m committed to leading my colleagues in adopting, not neglecting, the challenge of reforming our healthcare system so Americans can once again choose their doctor, afford health insurance and enjoy quality healthcare without spending a fortune.

I own a businesses and provide health insurance to my employees.  Those costs go up tremendously year by year.  Obamacare made it much worse.

Care for our Veterans

The freedoms we enjoy as Americans only exist because our men and women in uniform are willing to lay down their lives to ensure our freedoms are preserved through time. At different times, all three of my sons came to me and said they wanted to serve their country in uniform.

I couldn’t be prouder or more grateful for their willingness to put their country before themselves – an act of selflessness that inspires me still.

“We are forever indebted to those who have given their lives that we might be free.”
– Ronald Reagan

If elected to serve you, I will fight to ensure our veterans have access to high quality health care that is delivered on time and within reach, whether at a public or private health facility of their choosing.

Safeguard our Religious Liberties

People of faith in many countries around the world practice their faith under pressure of oppressive governments that limit or eliminate religious freedoms altogether. In our own country, however, religious liberties are under attack by Leftists that want to eliminate faith from commerce, education and the public sphere entirely.

If elected to serve you, I will always stand strong in defense of our religious liberties so America will remain a safe and free country for its people to pray, congregate and practice their faith without interference from the state.

I have always fought for the right to freely practice my faith and it was the importance of faith that led Shannon and I to create Providence Hall Classical Christian School when we were seeking the appropriate Christian education for our children.  I am proud to be endorsed by the Family Research Council, the nation’s leading defender of religious freedom.